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Grill worktop 45mm thicknss


Superior concrete, treated

  • Mårdstigen 7, 14840 Segersäng

Ior Concrete

Concrete kitchen and bathroom tops, sinks, tables, wall and floor panels and other interior concrete products.

Our concrete is designed to be aesthetic and maintenance free.

FRONCRETE solid concrete cabinet cladding. Unic waterproof solution for standard and custom made cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom, livingroom,  outdoor furniture. FRONCRETE is only about 20% heavier than MDF board.

Our products are designed to be used in private homes and public areas.

  • Mårdstigen 7, 14840 Segersäng

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Transport door-to-door normally included in the price. For custom-made products excact delivery time will be confirmed after the customer is finally confirmed the order. Normally delivery time is 4-6 weeks from the moment of order confirmation.


For custom-made products refund is not possible after the moment the order is confirmed.

Avboknings- / retur- / utbytespolicy

For custom-made products cancellation is not possible after the moment the order is confirmed.



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